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2D Payment Gateway

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Updated for 2022, A free eBook API Guide explains how to leverage NGINX as an API gateway. It shows you, step-by-step, how to set up, configure, and secure an API gateway for routing both HTTP-based and gRPC APIs.


Powerful Dashboard

Our user friendly Virtual Terminal is very easy to use and perform all the necessary task to handle all the finance and give our merchants every bit of information needed to process the transaction and also provide reporting of each and every activity being performed and generates reports for Merchant.

2D Payment Gateway

Ease of doing Business.

High Performance, Reliable And Fast Transaction Processing

Easy To Integrate Web Services API And Platform-Independent SDK

Complete Security And Privacy Features Protecting You And Your Customers

Access To A Global Marketplace With Over 188 Currencies And 130 Payment Networks.


Hosted Payment Pages, Virtual Terminal, Self Generated 2D Links,  BTC Wallet with Crypto Embedded And So Much More.


Lets Take your Business to the New Height.


2D POS Machine

Rapid And Seamless Payment Integration With MPOS And POS Systems Vertical-Specific Solutions For Industries Requiring Secure, Powerful Integrated Solutions. Cloud-Based Software Updates Prepare Businesses For New And Emerging Payment Types. 2D payment Gateway provide one of the best 2D POS Machine in the Industry, where our Merchant can process the transaction online and offline with manual punching the card numbers or by swiping the Credit/Debit cards, All the activity of 2D POS Machine will be reported to the Merchant’s Dashboard.


2D Merchant Link

Share 2D payment links via SMS, WhatsApp, or email. No payment gateway integration required. Generate payment links you own in our future following Dashboard and send it to your customers via SMS email or share via WhatsApp. Features: Easier Reconciliation, Reminders On Auto-Pilot.Generate a 2D payment Gateway link in just simple 3 step and start getting paid Directly without sharing any of your 2D’s Dashboard credential.


2D BTC Wallet

A cryptocurrency wallet is a device, physical medium, program or a service which stores the public and/or private keys for cryptocurrency transactions. In addition to this basic function of storing the keys, a cryptocurrency wallet more often also offers the functionality of encrypting and/or signing information.

2D Payment Gateway with BTC Wallet has reached to the next Level of Structure and being used Worldwide.

Our 1000’s of Merchant using Enterprise Payment gateway have accessibility to Newly Introduced BTC Wallet and do the transfer from the Dashboard only Worldwide.


In-App Payment

Convenience And Ease Of Use For Your Customers, Reducing Checkout Friction

Eliminate The Need To Enter Card Information, For Fast And Reliable Payments

Customers Never Have To Leave Your App To Make A Payment

Powerful Security And Privacy Features Protect Your Clients And Your Business

Accept Apple Pay And Google Pay



Reduce Chargebacks By Identifying And Flagging Risky Orders

Organic Risk Engine Responds Dynamically To New Fraud Trends To Provide Ultimate Protection

Match IP Address To Region, BIN To Country, High Risk IPs, Proxy Or Device And More

Fight Fraud With Automated Security Protocols During Each Stage Of The Transaction Lifecycle

P2PE (Point-To-Point Encryption)

2D Secure, 3D Secure, AVS, CVV.

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2D payment Gateways is your trusted commerce partner. We support high risk, high volume and hard to board merchants. Our goal is to provide secure, flexible and cost-competitive merchant accounts that will benefit your business’s long-term growth.

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